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Marketing for SME Event Contractors

It’s a tough market out there right now, especially if you don’t have the big budgets to pay for advertising and marketing campaigns. But there are ways event contractors can get their name in front of potential clients without having to spend huge amounts of time and energy.   Communication Winning work isn’t always easy,

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Beware!! – The Insurance Premium Trap

As the pressure on every business is to reduce outgoing cost it is easy to understand why insurer RSA recent survey revealed premium level is ahead of every other factor when considering what insurance to purchase. Cost was named in the top three factors by 61% of the survey’s SME respondents. Cost is king….. (isn’t

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Ok, so you’ve settled on your Event’s name, you’ve decided on the great location, the speaker programme has been outlined and you are now thinking about marketing…It’s an exciting time but the never ending ‘to do list’ from your event management plan is growing. What about insurance?……Oh, hold on a minute there it is, in

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The Ogden Effect

The Ogden Rate has been slashed by the Government from +2.5% to -0.75%. Is that good – it sounds good doesn’t it?… What is the Ogden rate in any case? What will it mean for businesses in the UK? First of all we had better understand what the Ogden rate is…. Well, the Ogden discount

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National Mourning – A highly sensitive issue with potentially devastating impact on multiple events

It saddens us to consider the harsh reality but we have a duty to all Organisers to make them aware of the coverage available from the UK insurance market to protect their events from what is unfortunately but eventually inevitable. We have a Queen aged 90 and the Duke of Edinburgh is 95. Other Royals

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InEvexco launches Les Mills Insurance

Les Mills UK in association with InEvexco Ltd are proud to announce the launch of Les Mills Insurance, underwritten by Axiom Underwriting Agency Ltd on behalf of Arch Insurance (Europe) Ltd. Designed specifically for self-employed fitness instructors and personal trainers based in the UK there are options for Les Mills Tribe instructors, and for instructors

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Insurance for Beauticians Hairdressers and Nail Technicians Online and So Easy!

Professional Beauty the leading Publishers and Beauty Exhibitions aided by InEvexco have now made the Professional Beauty Direct insurance products available online. A guide to buy online First step is to go to here you’ll see three policy options – Nails, Hair or Beauty. Prices start from £37.50 for a whole year. The Beauty

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After the Rains Have Gone…. Flood Damage – What to do?

Returning home… Return home or back to your business only after authorities advise it is safe to do so. Beware of downed or loose power lines. Report them immediately to the power company, police or fire department. Drive only if absolutely necessary. Avoid flooded roads and washed-out bridges. Check for structural damage before re-entering your

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Basis of Liability Cover – What’s Best For You?

When purchasing a liability insurance policy there are two different types of basis to choose from; ‘Occurrence’ and ‘Claims-Made’. While as a consumer you may have never heard of either of these insurance terms, they can have a huge impact when someone claims from you. It’s possible you might not even have the cover you

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Event Industry – What Insurance Service Should You Expect?

The Exhibition & Event Industry is unique. One Organiser and a multitude of Contractors, Suppliers and Services all converge on a venue for what is a relatively short period of time to create something unique to attract exhibitors, delegates and visitors. During the build-up period a basic hall can be transformed into an interactive place

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