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Event Industry – What Insurance Service Should You Expect?

The Exhibition & Event Industry is unique. One Organiser and a multitude of Contractors, Suppliers and Services all converge on a venue for what is a relatively short period of time to create something unique to attract exhibitors, delegates and visitors. During the build-up period a basic hall can be transformed into an interactive place of commerce, a place of wonder and even a work of art.

The companies that make this transformation possible employ a miraculous talent in a mixture of individual skill and combined teamwork. These miracle makers deserve an insurance service that understands this amazing operation.

Concerned other brokers have lost site of the value of experience and what real service actually is, InEvexco have brought together a team of vast experience and probably the best known insurance professionals to deliver a broking service and risk management support to best protect the companies that make events happen.

InEvexco’s team work in partnership with you, advising and guiding you to purchase competitive insurance relevant to your operation and needs. But our service doesn’t stop there, no. We will provide continued support as your business evolves and needs change. We often hear new customers say how difficult it was to get answers to queries from their previous broker to the point either the reason for asking the question has passed or more worryingly leading them not to bother to ask questions again naturally destroying the ideal their insurance protection and service should give them peace of mind if something went wrong. Where’s the value in that!

If the worst should happen and claims occur you don’t want your broker running for the hills, you want positive action and valuable guidance. InEvexco appoint a senior member of staff to work with you every step of the way. They will advise on how to construct and present the loss and then negotiate on your behalf to achieve the best settlement.

For an insurance service you will see as true value for money, contact us.

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