It’s vital to acknowledge that we understand this is a highly sensitive issue, and something we’re sure you’d all rather not think about. However as unpleasant as it is, it’s also inevitable and so it’s important for us to understand what actions we’ll all be expected to take under the circumstances.

For the vast majority of events this risk may not even be considered by organisers and whilst there may be a contingency plan this may not be one of the issues covered within it. Yet as time goes on the risk of this devastating event increases and so it deserves a greater share of our collective attention from within the events world.

We feel that as event industry insurance and risk management experts we have a duty to inform all exhibition and conference organisers about scenarios that we understand to be likely. As mentioned in this piece in Exhibition News, we believe this could be one of, if not the single biggest issue to affect the UK and Commonwealth events industry in the last 25 years.

Not only does the sensitive nature of this subject make it immensely tricky to deal with, but the number of unknowns surrounding it means it’s hugely difficult to plan for practically too. All kinds of things have influenced a nations response to Royal deaths in the past but there’s few patterns to allow us to understand what a likely scenario may be (especially as we have not had to deal with this issue for over 65 years!).

What will be almost certain is your event will have to be suspended, if not stopped in its entirety. If not on the unfortunate date when the death is announced almost certainly on the day the funeral is due to take place.

So how are you supposed to protect all that investment into your event or cover the potential loss of revenue if it can’t go ahead? Currently, the best solution is to ensure your event has insurance that includes National Mourning cover.

Due to the increasing likelihood of this unfortunate event, this kind of cover has seen a rise in the rates being charged in the market for this specific kind of cover. However, InEvexco are pleased to be able to offer National Mourning cover for exhibitions and conferences.

We believe this is something a far greater number of event organisers should be considering or be wary of, at the very least. If you would like a quotation then please get in touch with us on 01732 757616.