About Us

InEvexco was formed in 2011 with the aim of delivering the dynamic support required by Event Industry Companies and Corporate clients, to help them understand and ultimately protect against their insurable risks and exposures.

The name, InEvexco – Insurance for Events, Exhibitions, Conferences and Corporate Clients (this sounded very clever when we came up with it, but not so clever now we’re all trying to pronounce it)

Our desire is to work with the stakeholders of each of our clients to completely understand their business. With Event Organisers we work with you to protect the event and all of the associated revenue that it generates and all associated costs in the event of a possible cancellation as well as protecting the visitors at the event. With Event Contractors we have the knowledge and experience to identify and manage the risks which threaten your assets and financial liabilities. We will confidently illustrate the appropriate insurance program to protect and secure your business operation and give you that essential peace of mind…… all at a competitive price.

We also work where we can to develop Affinity Partnerships and bring improved insurance solutions to various industries where they may be currently limited. This process delivers exciting (yes we said ‘exciting’ in connection with insurance) new insurance solutions to groups of buyers increasing value for money for the customer and added value and awareness to an association, brand or company if the service is linked to them.

We pride ourselves on working hard for our clients to deliver the highest level of service and support. These are the fundamental components we want to bring to you and your business. We take our responsibility to treat customers fairly very seriously and we want to ensure that no customer, vulnerable or otherwise is disadvantaged when it comes to arranging their insurance.  Therefore, if you have any specific requirements or need additional support from us, please let us know.  Above all else, we want to take the worry away from you so that you can get back to running your business.

Please don’t let the fact that you can’t pronounce our name stop you from contacting us!

We’re ready to take your call or email. Start discovering the difference today!