Organisers Insurance

We have constructed a team of the most experienced and well-known Insurance Professionals to deliver a dynamic support service to Event Organisers. We believe our product is one of the most competitive in our market and the expertise you will gain from our team members is invaluable.

Whether you need insurance for a one-off large show, an exhibition, or a schedule of various events across the world, we offer UK based Organisers the opportunity to tailor insurance protection to your requirements. 

Please refer to our Policy Wording for full definitions and coverage. Policy Wording

Main sections of cover:
•    Cancellation – If your event should be forced to cancel, be reorganised, curtailed or abandoned  due to a reason beyond your control
•    Property Damage – protects any property that you own or are responsible for at the event (including Money)
•    Public Liability – If a member of the public were to be injured or their property damaged at your event through your negligence
•    Employers Liability – If an employee were to be injured at your event 
These are some examples of our free standard extensions of cover:
•    Enforced Reduced Attendance – loss of expected "oOn the doorgate revenue", if this income was affected as a result of a common cause a reason beyond your control such as weather related issues / inability to access the venueetc were to prevent people attending your event
•    National Mourning – If event coincides with day of death or day of funeral for anyone in the Royal Family – under 75 years of ageThere are no age restrictions on this cover
•    Money and Property Cover - £100,000 per event
•     Adverse Weather - For all indoor events, we include Adverse Weather (i.e high winds, floods, snow etc)

Claims Scenarios :
•    Cancellation – Indoor events: The Venue not being able to open due to reasons beyond your control such as weather related issues such as snow, heavy winds, etc
•    Public Liability – If a visitor trips on a loose item on the floor. If something fell on a visitor and injured them, etc
•    Employers Liability – If an employee was struck by a loose item that wasntwasn’t secured properly. If they were to trip on something that wasntwasn’t highlighted as a hazard which resulted in injury i.e loose carpet on the floor, etc

Addtional cover available to purchase:
•    Terrorism Cover - If there is an act of Terrorism and authorities deem it unsafe to continue with your event. (We can offer Full cover or Time and Distance - 50 mile and 50 day restriction)
•    Extended National Mourning - We can extend the period of cover for additional days, in comparison to our standard extension which covers your event if it coincides with the date of death, or date of funeral including for named individuals over 75 years of age
•    Additonal Property/ Money Cover - We can extend the limit of cover over our standard £100,000 limit
•    Adverse Weather for Outdoor Events - We can add Adverse Weather cover for events held outside 
•    Riot / Civil Commotion cover
•    Communicable Diseases – since the outbreak of COVID-19 this aspect of cover is currently not available in the Lloyd’s market but we are working with Insurers to find a solution for this peril in the future

Virtual Events

•    With the current restrictions on mass gatherings and face to face events many Organisers are looking at maintaining their brand and audience by holding a Virtual Event. We have an insurance solution designed especially for online Virtual Events and the additional risks faced with arranging these. Please contact us for more information.

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