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Affinity Partnerships


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Affinity Partnerships Insurance

One of the main areas we pride ourselves on is our relationships with Affinity Partnerships. These partners are companies or associations who want to add value to their clients or members. We work together with our partners to really understand their brand, the industry sector they serve and what insurance products we can offer to enhance that.

Having researched the insurance needs of the affinity group our aim is to develop new insurance products which are both competitive and specific. We then tailor the service to the needs of the potential customer, offering a level of support that will impress and an online insurance product which is fast and easy to use. All the while we are raising the value of the affinity partner’s brand even further.

InEvexco believe, and indeed can prove, the offering of such a service particularly an online insurance solution to your clients or members, could set you apart from your competitors.

To protect your brand we work hard to keep our insurance service fully compliant making sure that the selling process is handled in the correct manner. The customers will experience the most fluid customer journey possible, with limited insurance jargon, whilst still maintaining full compliance with the FCA.

We support each insurance facility with a team of insurance qualified advisors ready to assist at the end of a dedicated helpline number to offer policy guidance along with any aid required navigating the quote and buy online system if needed. But our work doesn’t stop there and we don’t stand still once this is complete. We are able to produce top tips and best practice advice to help policy holders reduce claims and avoid disruption to their businesses. We work with you to constantly stay on top of the changes within your industry and develop the policy further to suit customer demand and react to feedback where possible so that the product evolves and stays as up to date and competitive as possible. We will work on social media forums to promote the policy and we have various marketing channels which we use to highlight the offering further if appropriate to the partnership. We can be as proactive as you want. We will also supply or check marketing material and we can even offer support at trade shows if necessary.

Above all, we see our affinity partners as our business partners. Our success is your success.