How would your business cope with a Cyberattack?

Cyber Crime may be something that you have previously thought about, perhaps something that is in the back of your mind to consider later?


Within the Events industry we specialise in, we have been made aware of 5 separate Cyber attacks on our clients which resulted in the businesses losing money, time and leaving them feeling vulnerable.

Cyber attacks happen in various different ways for example:
  • An email hacker using an almost identical email address of a Senior member of staff within the business, asking for invoices to be paid. The recipient of the email follows the instruction, paying money into a fraudulent account.
  • A hacker infiltrates the company computer system and re-sends altered invoices to clients for payment.  The clients then pay the hacker's fraudulent account rather than the company, leaving both with a potential loss.
  • A hacker gains access to the company computer system and locks down all features. They demand payment of a 'ransom' to release the system. This would usually happen at a poignant time of business where the client is likely to need to regain urgent access, such as the opening of a new show or when on the verge of a new contract.
  • Not only can an attack happen from an outside source, but an internal error by a member of staff can cause a significant data breach. For example; losing an unsecured mobile device/laptop or sending sensitive information to the wrong person.

We can protect your business

It will also help protect your clients. These policies are competitively priced and also offer a support service if you were to suffer an attack.

Please get in contact now for a quotation.

A dedicated team of cyber breach professionals will assist at every stage of incident investigation, they help you:

  • establish what’s been compromised;
  • assess your responsibility,
  • and notify those individuals affected.

In addition, they coordinate credit or identity monitoring for your customers and PR advice to help you safeguard your reputation.


Protect your business and clients before it's too late.
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