What is Public Liability Insurance?

If your business has any sort of interaction with the public, you will almost certainly need Public Liability Insurance. This can include people visiting your business, customers, clients and even people taking part in events or activities you have organised. This insurance offers coverage for your legal responsibility to cover expenses and damages associated with a claim arising from harm, injury, or damage to the property of third parties.

Why is Public Liability Insurance necessary?

Accidents can unfortunately happen at any time, and they can range from the very minor to something extremely serious. If you don't purchase Public Liability Insurance and were found responsible for an incident, you would be left to pay legal costs associated with defending a claim or paying damages. These claims have the potential to run into millions, depending on the severity of the injury or damage caused. Public Liability Insurance safeguards your business financially, and it serves the public's best interests by enabling them to seek fair compensation when needed.

What limit of indemnity should I obtain?

Unlike Employers’ Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance is not a legal requirement. However, we strongly recommend this coverage as we consider it essential for protecting your business and customers. You may also encounter obstacles in conducting business if your clients stipulate the necessity of maintaining a certain minimum level of Public Liability Insurance before engaging in business with you. Periodically, venues and organisers will review the Public Liability coverage of contractors and suppliers gaining access to the venues to ensure it is sufficient.  

Can I get cover for working abroad?

Cover is not necessarily automatic in respect of all countries. If working outside of the UK, cover must be requested in advance of the contract commencing. Cover can also be arranged on a ‘worldwide’ basis for an appropriate additional premium.

What are some claims examples?

  • A large sign that an event contractor had fitted for a client at a conference fell from the wall and caused injury to another person. The total cost of the claim was £27,300, of which the contractor was only required to pay the £200 policy excess, and the insurer paid the remainder.
  • A contractor was engaged for the installation of a heating system at an events hall. However, the installation was flawed, resulting in a fire that caused £40,000 worth of damage. the contractor's insurance policy covered the repair expenses, with the contractor being responsible for the policy excess.

Who do I contact to take out or increase my Public Liability Insurance?

Please contact your account handler, or if you are a new client Rebecca.coles@inevexco.co.uk 01732 757624