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When should I buy Event Cancellation insurance?

The most common question we answer for clients is ‘when should I buy my Event Cancellation insurance policy?’, there is quite a simple answer to this - You should buy your event insurance as soon as you have signed the venue contract or are receiving revenue, because from that point on you have a liability and revenue to protect (we call this insurable interest).


Should there be an unforeseen cancellation, postponement or relocation of the event, due to no fault of your own, these costs and the income generated may be lost and therefore should be protected.


We are often asked ‘can we provide a quotation if the event dates are not yet confirmed?’ the answer is yes, however if you’d like National Mourning to be included in the quotation, we need a best estimate of the dates in order to reserve the Insurers capacity correctly.


If the event is not able to proceed on the planned dates, our Insurers are being incredibly flexible and adjusting Event Insurance policies to maintain the cover provided. Insurers may ask for an additional premium to extend the dates if there is a significant difference (over 3 months) to the original dates.


There are significant risks to an Event to consider. Issues at the venue could include;

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Unplanned building works
  • Double booking
  • Incident at previous event preventing access
  • National Mourning
  • Terrorist attacks / threats
  • Weather related issues

And, of course the unknown, all could lead to the cancellation or abandonment of your event or exhibition. This is an ‘all-risks’ policy so if it is not specifically excluded, it is insured!

We also commonly recommend that National Mourning insurance is given some consideration. Rates have significantly decreased in this area due to recent events, and we have extended our policy wording to include cover for claims where an event is cancelled, postponed or relocated due to public sentiment or pressure to not open the event on a national day / period of mourning.

A very common misconception is waiting to purchase Event Insurance closer to the event dates will cost less. This is not true, while rates do fluctuate, the proximity of the event has no effect on these whatsoever. There is also no guarantee the rate will not increase and certain covers will not be excluded from quotations once known. We have recently seen the exclusion of strikes and power outages on many quotes given due to these becoming ‘known circumstances’. This is all to say, the sooner you insure your event, the better!


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