The UK Government stepping forward to provide this historic insurance facility will assure organisers can be confident in planning events to be held during the open period of the facility. The Exhibition and Business Event sector has been recognised as being crucial to the UK’s recovery.


InEvexco Ltd will help assess organisers exposure to all risks of cancellation, including Covid, assisting clients to balance this with adequate and affordable protection.


However, within the rules there is an initial window of opportunity which means any Organiser wishing to find out more about the cover and attach this to an existing Cancellation policy should act now.


Not all Insurers have signed up to the scheme meaning not all policyholders may be able to access the Government Scheme. InEvexco are happy to talk through which Insurers are offering the cover and explain the options available to those people who are insured with Companies who are not.


Mark Clayton, Managing Director InEvexco Ltd, commented, “We have been working toward and waiting for this moment for well over a year and we are delighted to finally be in the position of being able to offer a solution to the industry which we are proud to serve. We have all of the information relating to the scheme now so are looking forward to answering the questions of our clients and those who may need some advice on the options available to them.”  


For further information please email Mark Clayton ( or Mark Blair (