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After the Rains Have Gone…. Flood Damage – What to do?

Returning home… Return home or back to your business only after authorities advise it is safe to do so. Beware of downed or loose power lines. Report them immediately to the power company, police or fire department. Drive only if absolutely necessary. Avoid flooded roads and washed-out bridges. Check for structural damage before re-entering your

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Basis of Liability Cover – What’s Best For You?

When purchasing a liability insurance policy there are two different types of basis to choose from; ‘Occurrence’ and ‘Claims-Made’. While as a consumer you may have never heard of either of these insurance terms, they can have a huge impact when someone claims from you. It’s possible you might not even have the cover you

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Event Industry – What Insurance Service Should You Expect?

The Exhibition & Event Industry is unique. One Organiser and a multitude of Contractors, Suppliers and Services all converge on a venue for what is a relatively short period of time to create something unique to attract exhibitors, delegates and visitors. During the build-up period a basic hall can be transformed into an interactive place

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InEvexco – A Better Kind of Insurance Broker

InEvexco obtained FSA Registration on 2nd July 2012. We believe our company’s values are in short supply today. We stand out against a backdrop of larger insurance brokers balancing service levels and client interests against shareholder return….. InEvexco will be different from others because we have built our services around the support required by our

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