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Insurance for Beauticians Hairdressers and Nail Technicians Online and So Easy!

Professional Beauty the leading Publishers and Beauty Exhibitions aided by InEvexco have now made the Professional Beauty Direct insurance products available online.

A guide to buy online

First step is to go to

here you’ll see three policy options – Nails, Hair or Beauty. Prices start from £37.50 for a whole year. The Beauty insurance package at only £49.50 per annum includes cover for an extensive range of beauty treatments plus all the nail and hair treatments as well so if you do a combination of all of these, then the Beauty package is the one for you.

At the foot of this first page you will see three documents regarding the cover offered and the terms and conditions applicable. These documents contain important information and you should read these carefully before you purchase your policy.

Once you have decided which product you want, click the “Buy” button and the next page will ask you for a few details and to declare any claims that you may have had. Dependent on what product you have chosen, you will have some additional options and extensions that you can purchase as well. You may want to insure your equipment, increase your liability or if you have chosen the Beauty product, you may wish to add an additional treatment that you carry out, so just tick whichever boxes are relevant or leave blank if you don’t need any of them.

You can also take advantage of the fabulous Professional Beauty magazine offer here, for a discounted price of £29 for the year.

The pink box at the bottom of the page will give you a running total of the price of your policy depending on the options you have chosen.

Once you are happy with your choices, click the next step. Again, a few more details needed, and then you have to create yourself a username and password and supply us with an email address that you want all your documents and correspondence to be sent to. Make sure you keep a record of your username and password and note the password needs to be a mixture of at least 6 letters and numbers.

If you run into problems on this page and the website won’t allow you to carry on, a large red box at the very top of the screen will tell you which bits you have completed incorrectly. Simply correct these items and carry on.

These details will enable you to access your policy at any point in the year. You can download your documents again, check your cover, add any additional treatment options you need or update your name and address. You can do all this from wherever you can get online, anytime of the day or night. This is all done securely and recorded for your protection. Any new insurance documents are available immediately so you don’t have to wait for them in the post. You literally manage your own policy online throughout the year. You are also helping to save vast amounts of paper so its good for the trees and the environment.

Make sure you read the important questions carefully and answer correctly. If you have to answer Yes to one of these questions, don’t worry, carry on to the next step to complete your application and one of the Professional Beauty Team will call you asap for some more details. We may still be able to insure you so please don’t give up! We want to help you.

The next page shows a summary of the options that you have chosen, along with your contact details on the left hand side of the page. Please check that all this information is correct, then carry on to Pay for your policy or Save your quote to access and pay for later.

At the end of the payment process, you will receive an Invoice, your Certificate and a Statement of Fact direct to your email address, along with an email confirming what you have paid.

The Online renewal system is automatic. This means that when it comes to your renewal next year, if you are happy with your policy, you do not have to do anything at all. There will be no dangerous gaps in cover. We will however send you a reminder in good time before your renewal date so you can make any changes needed or cancel your policy, but if everything is ok, then you need do nothing and your important insurance protection will continue

If you get stuck at any point in the process, give our friendly Professional Beauty Direct Helpline team a call on Telephone 0845 605 8670.